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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  May 1, 2011 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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i'm eric shawn. welcome to a brand new hour of america's news headquarters. >> jamie: it's hard to believe the numbers so many people trying to pick up the pieces of their lives today. i'm jamie colby. and the pictures are difficult to look at. there is utter devastation. it's just heart-wrenching. the red cross already running a number of emergency shelters. they are facing the enormous task of finding more permanent housing for thousands of folks who don't have homes. chief meteorologist rick reichmuth is joining us again live from tuscaloosa. and rick, it's true. they are just looking for a place to live. looking for anything they can salvage. are they getting what they need? >> they are certainly getting help. mostly at this point it's from people in the community are helping out. fema is also on the ground they're encouraging people to register with fema, because they're able to get assistance, financial assistance to help them find temporary housing and such. that is also a way that people can get help.
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i want to tell you just right behind me here, you see people rummaging through and trying to separate debris from things that might want to be saved. it just talked to these people. they don't live here and they don't know who lives here because the person hasn't been back to this house they are going through and taking what are the obvious things that is trash, shingles and wood and putting them in piles and then separating things that eventually when someone comes back to this house, they might want to be able to salvage. that gives you an idea of how the community comes together. these are all university of alabama graduate students doing this kind of volunteer work, going door to door trying to pick up the pieces. even if people aren't there to know they are going to need that. i got to tell you, we are in a community called forest lake. right in the middle of where the tornado cut through. and this community was about to get historical designation on may 1. and now, they'll have to see what happens with that. jamie? >> jamie: rick, before i let you go, it is sunday and many people are searching for church services. we saw yesterday that lectern
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with the cross, far away from the church in which it came. are the people finding places to worship, not only to remember those who lost their lives but also to give thanks for those who survived? >> yeah. and just to find the community and the support they need. they certainly are. i can tell you that every morning we have been here, this is the fourth morning since the tornado, right at sunrise people have been coming out to look through the debris. that didn't happen this morning. it's taken later. some people going to early service, some people still out at services. but that is absolutely what everybody is talking about today. we're here in the south, we're in the bible belt. people are going to find their community right now. and then they will be out here doing the work. jamie? >> jamie: i love the volunteers, the college students. rick, thank you so much. we'll check back with you as well. >> eric: jamie, it's not just the south right now there is severe flooding in the midwest, that is forcing thousands of people from their homes. the army corps of engineer, now trying to decide whether
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they should blow up levees in kay row, illinois. if they do that, it would flood hundreds of miles of farm land. they may do that to relieve the pressure. all 2800 residents are being evacuated in case the levees do burst. rising waters could get even worse, they say. the forecast, more rain. expected over the next couple of days. jamie? >> jamie: nasa this morning is it's not about the weather but they did delay the launch of space shuttle endeavor again. saying it will not go up tomorrow, on its final voyage. it could be delayed until the end of the week at least. flight managers blaming the postponement this time on an electrical problem. and once the repair work is done, the engineers will need at least two days, they will have to test it to see if the faulty system is fixed. the shuttle was initially scheduled to blast off on friday. >> eric: to the latest situation in libya now.
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britain just expelling the libyan ambassador to london. the move coming in response of libya's attack on the british embassy in tripoli. italy says its embassy was attacked as well and italy calls the attack "grave and vile." all possible retaliation for the nato attacks. this comes hours after the libyan government claims a nato airstrike killed up with of muammar gaddafi's sons. the youngest, 29-year-old saif al-arab gaddafi. as well as three of his grandchildren. looking at some brand new video that is from libyan estate television. they say it shows the bodies that they claim are of gaddafi's family killed in what nato says was command and control building. libyans say was gaddafi's son's home and they claim that colonel gaddafi was there at the time. but escaped unharmed there is no independent confirmation that gaddafi's family members were killed. or there, or that gaddafi himself was even there. for the latest, let's go to
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david lee miller streaming live from tripoli. david lee, you hear about the attacks, potential attacks on the embassies. are these signs of revenge? >> reporter: very much so. eric, there is a great deal of rage on the street in tripoli. the word spread that home of one of gaddafi's home was hit by a missile there was considerable machine gun fire on the street. journalist wanted to go to the gaddafi compound. we were invited there for a news conference and then a few minutes later we were told the situation was too dangerous for foreign journalists and were told to remain inside our hotel. for reports of this attack, the rebel transitional national council in benghazi is saying that it is skeptical that gaddafi's son was killed in this strife. representative of the council told fox news just a short time ago in benghazi that it did not believe that saif al-arab is dead and they want
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to see a body. and only then will they believe this account is true. let me elaborate on what you mentioned a moment ago. earlier, libyan state television broadcast video that it said though the three covered body of people killed in the airstrike. libyan tate television said one of the -- state television said one body was saif al-arab gaddafi. they then said another body was that of his friend. this is the first time we have heard that a friend of his was killed in this strike. the third body we are told was one of muammar gaddafi's grand chirp. they say three young children were killed, all under age 12. this is the first time that the storyline has changed to say that a friend of saif al-arab's was killed. nevertheless, i can confirm to you that last night there was a massive explosion in a residential neighborhood here. we were taken to that home. we were able to see for ourselves the damage.
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take look. hour after the airstrike, reporters were taken to the location of the home and we can see damage everywhere, everywhere we look there is debris. it's difficult to walk in the interior of the structure. this was a wall. part of the ceiling has also collapsed in this location. we make our way back here, which is not that easy to do. you can see what looks like a living room furniture lined along the wall. water. some food on that table. it's very possible that there were people in this very room at the time the strike occurred. reporters were taken here and on the mind of many that you can overhear nato airstrike in the skies and additional worries that there may be unexposed ordnance at this location posing yet an additional hazard. muslim tradition requires that funerals take place within 24
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hours after a death. so far today, as we are aware, there have not been any funeral for those who died in this attack. eric? >> eric: all right, david lee miller reporting live from tripoli on the latest. we will stay on it. thank you, david. jamie? >> jamie: now to the major shakeup in america's national security team. cia director leon panetta replacing retiring defense secretary robert gates. president obama also tapping general petraeus to head the c.i.a. petraeus is currently the commanderrer of the war in afghanistan. is now really the safest time to make the move? here now congressman peter king, chairman of the house, homeland security committee. congressman, good morning. thanks for being with us. >> jamie, always great to be with you. >> jamie: thank you. on friday, the taliban said, they announced in a sense their spring offensive, said they will bring it on. and general petraeus knows afghanistan and its threat to america probably better than anybody else.
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is this the right time to move him to the c.i.a.? is there some upside for that? >> leon panetta did an outstanding job with the c.i.a. i think general petraeus is the perfect man for the job. he knows both the military aspects of afghanistan, like no one else. and also because of the type of war it is in afghanistan, he has dealt extensively with the c.i.a. and all of our intelligence community. i think he is uniquely qualified for this position. he will also bring strature and gravitas to the position, which will give him a real voice in the obama administration. i think it would enable him to speak out against those who may want to pull back in afghanistan or who may want to tone up the policy down. so, no, i think he is extremely well equipped. also, having leon panetta going to the defense department, you have two officials or used to working with each other. but i have again the greatest respect for general petraeus. >> jamie: leon panetta's experience cannot be really downplayed. he brings so much to that position as well. especially his experience that
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he has now had at the c.i.a. as far as general petraeus is concerned, there are a lot of new and looming threats. that i know you are concerned about, and that your committee will look at. yes men being one of them. i know you -- yemen being one of them. you're watching libya carefully. what do you think general petraeus' influence will be in terms of advising on those matters? will the president listen? >> i think the president has to listen. because general petraeus, apart from all of his ability, is also the superstar in the administration. he is the man that turned around iraq, he has done an extraordinary job in afghanistan and one of the most highly respected people among the american population. so he has a are strong position. i think what i urge general petraeus to do, not that he has to listen to me, but i think it's important to realizer rick holder, almost totally demoralizes the c.i.a. when he came in and began investigations of the c.i.a. interrogators. the many interrogators have to have personal liability insurance. it's important for general
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petraeus to stand by the mission of the c.i.a., to encourage his people to think outside the box and take aggressive action. if he does that, he will be in a great position to put down the people like eric holder who may try to tie the hands of the c.i.a. as far as yemen, you're right. al-qaeda in the arabian peninsula under al-awlaki is the looming threat to the united states. general petraeus is the type, he has dealt with yemen, he knows what is going on with yemen. he knows his relationship between afghanistan, yemen, al-qaeda. islamic terrorism all over the world. he can put that together like no one else can. i have great hopes for general petraeus. >> jamie: it sounds like you believe it will be helpful, even to the work that you are doing on the committee. the last question, there has been an issue of communication between intelligence agencies and we have more now than we ever did. do you think general petraeus can bring everyone together so that we have better communication, quicker action on intel? >> i hope so. certainly as far as dealing
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with military intelligence he should facilitate that. again, i'm hoping that there is not going to be any real resistance to general petraeus from within the c.i.a. because there are certain people in that institution who recent the military. so that is going to be something he has to overcome. but again, i think with his commitment to the job, and his knowledge, and his patriotism, i think he is going to win the c.i.a. entirely over to him and he is going to have a real opportunity working with general clapper, the director of national intelligence and all of the intelligence agencies, including the defense intelligence agency to bring that a together. again, i have, i'm convinced if anyone can do the job it's general petraeus. >> eric: congressman, peter king. >> jamie: chair of the house homeland security committee. thank you so much. good to see you today. >> jamie, good to see you. thank you. >> jamie: eric? >> eric: well, they keep batting names for the ranks of republicans to make a white house bid. you have donald trump, mitt romney, michele bachmann getting a lot of attention in the past few days.
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but reports say the g.o.p. leaders are appealing for more potential candidates to join the field. are they worried they don't have someone strong enough to challenge president obama in 2012? joining us to talk about this is fox news contributor, kristen powers, democrat, with political consultant tony sayeg who is a republican. kristen and tony, welcome. kristen, let me start with you. what does it take to have someone break out of the pack? >> there are a lot of republicans who i have spoken to who would like to see additional people get in the race they'd like to see mitch daniels get in the race. former governor of indiana. they want to see, you know, maybe congressman paul ryan would be somebody that they would like to see join the race as well. although that seems like somewhat of a long shot. they would like to see governor chris christie get in the race, even though he said repeatedly he won't get in the race. right now when you look at the field, a lot of people feel that it's underwhelming. >> eric: why is that?
11:14 am
>> because it's not -- most of the candidates are very flawed. i think the fact that you look at how donald trump has taken off shows what kind of vacuum you have. he is somebody who really if you think about him going to iowa and people really getting to know him would not have the type of popularity he has right now. it says people are hungry for something new, not happy with the field they have. >> eric: tony, do you think the people are hungry and not happy with the field they have? what do they do about it? >> the majority of the country is not happy with the way the country is going under president obama. 70% of the country says the country is heading in the wrong direction. presidential re-elections are about the president, not who is running against him. the president has a record of 9% unemployment, gas prices $4, increasing, not going up, not looking like they are coming down. he will have a formidable opponent in his own record. >> eric: who could that be? if you listen to kirsten, the
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republicans aren't happy with who they have already. >> it's so early in the process, i welcome every name she said and every name circulated to come in the field there is a frustration. i'm not going to lie to you, that we don't have a stronger emerging candidate to take to the stand. it's like getting an invitation to the royal wedding and not have a good date to take. in that respect, yes. we would prefer chris christie or marco rubio. >> eric: christie said it ain't going to happen. >> but the reality it's about the president. >> eric: christie said it is not going to happen so there is a lot of talk this weekend in the papers certainly about mitch daniels, the republican governor of indiana who was the director of the omb for a while. he has those credentials. what do you say about him? >> he has better credentials that barack obama did when he took the presidency in 2008. he is a governor, he led the office of management and budget. he balanced budgets and cut spending. great contrast to what we have in the white house. he is a confident steward of the economy. he exhibits confidence and leadership. that is something many people
11:16 am
feel is a deficit with the president. i think, eric, again, you cannot undercount the fact when you are a president and you are running on a record, not just platitudes, you have to defend that record. reagan said it best. are you better off than you were four years ago? 70% of the people say not really. >> eric: they have to have someone to run do you think mitch daniels could break out of the pack? or someone else? >> he could. attractive candidate but he is unknown nationally, however. a lot of times people will put their hopes on somebody and they get in the race and they fizzle or crash and burn. president obama is in a vulnerable position. the approval rating has been under 50 quite a few times and that usually does not bode well for incumbent president. thaw have to have an opportunity. it's not enough for people to be unhappy with the direction of the country.
11:17 am
not enough for obama's approval rating not to be above 50. there has to be a credible person to replace him. there is nobody who can taken to president in a serious way. >> sorry, eric, i'll tell you this point in 1992, nobody took bim clinton seriously. >> i took him seriously. >> i don't think he had announced. you're certainly a trail blazer in that respect. no one took ronald reagan seriously until two weeks before the election. a long time until election day. we have our time to pick the right candidate. >> eric: tony, kristen, we thank you. one person who says he is, or could be a credible candidate will be joining us in 11 minutes. herman cain. wait until you see him. he will be with us live in a few minutes on the fox news channel. thank you to you both. ♪ ♪
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>> jamie: it certainly is a day we will all remember. pope john paul ii is one step closer to becoming a saint. today more than a million faithful turned out for the beatification mass for the late pontiff. it's all part of the process that could lead him to becoming saint john paul. greg burke is following all of this. i think you have the best spot, because you were with the people, the people that came from all over the world who enjoyed hearing their stories. what are you feeling after witnessing what happened today? >> jamie, that is right. amazing day. an amazing week. talking to the people as they have the john paul stories they connected with him, in some way. pope john paul ii had enormous influence on the catholic church; particularly, on young people.
11:19 am
>> they were loved by god and they flocked to that. >> while pope john paul was elected as 58-year-old athlete who climbed mountains and skied he would suffer severely. first in the 1981 assassination attempt. later after breaking his leg in a fall, the pope's help declined steadily. parkenson's disease practically kept the one-time actor from even speaking in the last couple of years in his life. >> we were left with a man that was deeply reduced by a long and debail tating illness who exemplified to the world how to suffer. >> while people prayed for john paul ii in the final days, immediately after he died they started praying to the pope. asking his help in obtaining favors and miracles from god. this is already continuing as many of the faithful here this morning are now going to
11:20 am
st. peters basilica able to go by the casket of blessed john paul. >> jamie: blessed he is. thank you so much. greg burke live in rome. >> eric: helicopter crashed near the university campus, and they say the chopper was part of a reality tv show. we have details coming up. >> we've got a flood. hits the road, the nose the angels start second guessing where they tread. ♪
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>> jamie: if you have been squirreling away your money in a savings account or maybe you are buying cds, you know you aren't getting much of a return these days. right now, bank rate average yield for six-month cd is .28%. well, get this. 30 years ago the interest rate peaked at a whopping 15.79%. are there any better places for you to get more bang for your buck if you are socking it away? in today's take charge consumer protection segment we look at the internet offers and foreign banks doing business here to help you invest best. we have the managing chapter of the capital investment management. good to see you. thank you for being with us. >> thank you for having me. >> jamie: the take charge segment is help people get most for their money and not
11:25 am
get scanned. i got an e-mail from banks that was touting rating too good to be true. i imagine everybody else gets those offers, too. how do you know if the banks are legit? >> there are a lot of scams. this is a fabulous subject. there is a website called if you want to look and get a feel for what rates are and something outrageous and too shy compared to everybody else, go to if there is something too high, it tells you that it's not true or the bank is going to go under. they are making a last ditch effort to get positive and they throw out the wild rates. >> jamie: let me ask you about the internet banks. they say they don't have branches and they are only on the internet is that safe?
11:26 am
>> there are, but check them out and get more detail. be careful. you won't get that much of a better rate. if off suspicion that it's not cent and there is something not right about it, don't do it. it's not worse the difference you might make. >> jamie: i suppose if you put your money in cds to begin with, you probably want the safety and security of going to the bank on the corner to make sure they have a better chance of still existing. sometimes you see bank of "x" country, fill it in. can they be a safe bet if they're licensed and insured? >> look at the brazilian bank. if you put your money in the bank in brazil, be careful. you are not just buying a cd, you are doing a currency play of the brazilian currency versus the u.s. a lot of banks in the u.s. are
11:27 am
brazilian banks to go to the street corner or go inside and invest in them. make sure you buy it in u.s. dollars, not the foreign currency no worries at all about having your money in foreign bank. >> jamie: but if you hear the world conversion, it's going some place else. ed, thank you very much. we want to make you alert to some of the scams. find out more of how to take charge by going to click on the america's news headquarters, the home page. look for my link of take charge consumer protection segment. great advice for you. >> eric: a lot of developments in libya. both sides of lawmakers weighing in. we have a live report from washington on the nato bombing and more. getting to know the g.o.p. hopefuls for 2012. in a minute, we'll speak with one of the perspective republican candidates. he is herman cain on his possible run for the white
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>> jamie: this is a fox news alert. brand new reaction coming in from washington now, following attack on british and italian embassies in tripoli, libya. this is after reports that there was a nato strike killing one of gaddafi's sons and three of his grandchildren. doug mckelway is following all of the developments and the reaction in washington. doug? >> reporter: jamie, for the second time in a week, nato forces targeted the compound where they believe colonel gaddafi to be. the airstrike late saturday night in tripoli appears to have killed one of gaddafi's sons and three of his grandchildren, all of them under the age of 12. but gaddafi survived the strike, according to a government spokesman. no independent confirmation of that. the news comes a day before congress returns to washington after a two-week break and amidst widespread criticism and increasing questions about the u.s. role in the libya mission. speaking on "fox news sunday" this morning, south carolina
11:33 am
republican senator lindsey graham and north dakota democrat kent conrad rejected claims by the libyan government that the saturday airstrike was an assassination attempt. >> in my view, wherever gaddafi goes is a legitimate military target. the commander and control source, not the legitimate leader of libya. and the way to get this to end is to go after the people around him. and his support network. i support what nato is doing and i'd like to have a pour it own approach to get it over with. >> i think you go after the pillars of his power. the pillars of his pow rer the regimens controlled by his sons, the mercenaries he has brought in from other countrys, his money. and his tribe. >> nato has pledged to step up its airstrikes, especially on gaddafi's commander and control. jamie? >> jamie: doug mckelway live in washington. thanks.
11:34 am
we don't need someone to try and rewrite the declaration. how about just live the declaration of independence? we don't need to rewrite the constitution. how about just enforce the constitution of the united states of america? >> eric: well, now it's time for a new sunday segment, "meet the candidates." that's herman cain, conservative republican candidate for the white house and he was ceo of godfather pizza and calling for massive spending cuts and other measures to get the nation's budget in line. herman cain joins us now from atlanta. welcome to fox news on sunday morning. good to see you. >> well, thanks, eric. i would rather say i inspire the crowd rather than whip up the crowd. >> eric: i saw you, i was up there and you gave some stunt speech in new hampshire where the video was. you really got them going. that is interesting.
11:35 am
because you have 14 potential colleagues. what do you think could make you break out of the pack? >> part of it would be my passion. as you saw when you saw me in lansing and you saw the speech i gave up in new hampshire, my passion comes through. my passion comes through because the passion of the people of what is happening in washington, d.c. comes through. as an example, i spoke at a southwest pennsylvania tea party yesterday in genette, pennsylvania. it appeared to be out in the middle of nowhere. 3,000 people showed up for the tea party. i got to tell you, i got the same response there, that i have gotten all over this country. people are passionate about common sense solutions we ought to bring back in the government. getting government out of their lives and businesses.
11:36 am
they want to see real leadership in the white house in 2012. they are passionate about that. >> eric: what specifically would you do that is not being done now? >> number one, start with jobs, jobs, jobs. i would propose to congress that the first bill, hr-1, including the following five points -- number one, lower the top corporate tax rates rates from % to 25%. because we are the only country in the world that has not lowered the top corporate tax rates in the last 15 years or more. number two, take the capital gains tax rate to zero to help generate cash that small businesses badly need from the small banks and from individuals investors. number three, suspend taxes on repatriateed profit. we have a trillion dollars that multimillion corporations have overseas. think stay overseas because if they bring the money back home, it will be taxed again.
11:37 am
this is low-hanging fruit to me. two quick ideas, give tax holiday to every worker and employer of the full 6.2%. the most important one after you do those four steps, make the tax rate permanent or indeficit. uncertainty is killing this economy. we are never going to effectively deal with the crisis that we face if we don't stimulate the economy with direct stimulus and not more indirect government spending. >> eric: there will be a south carolina debate on fox news thursday. do you think you will be a part of that? you are not up there in the polls but you have won some straw polls. >> i have won a lot of straw polls, eric. what is significant about that, when people vote in the straw poll, even though they are unscientific, they will have heard me directly, they will have met me, heard some of the other candidates. i got to tell you, i put a lot
11:38 am
of credence in the nonscientific straw polls. as far as the debate next week, we're finishing dotting some "i"s, crossing some "t"s and tomorrow i will make a definitive announcement about my participation in the upcoming debate. you know how is it when you have to dot the "i"s and cross the "t"s. >> eric: i imagine that means that you potentially could be in and we will certainly be watching it thursday on the fox news channel. herman cain. >> dotting "i"s. thank you, eric. >> eric: thank you, sir. thank you for joining us here on sunday morning. jamie? >> jamie: a lot of us watched history unfold. in fact, millions maybe around the world. certainly more than a million in vatican city when pope john paul ii became blessed. passing a major milestone in the path to becoming a saint. we're going to find out where the process goes next from someone who was there and knew him well. [ music ] ♪ [ male announcer ] look outside. it's grow time.
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>> jamie: the pilgrims that gathered at the funeral of pope john paul ii want, and today the pontiff is a step closer to becoming a state. pope benedict leading the beatification mass telling the crowd that john paul ii restored christianity true faith as a religion of hope. joining me now is former u.s. ambassador to holy seat. what an assignment. jim nicholson is joining us. i can only imagine the memories that you have of your time there at the vatican. and today, what was it like for you? >> it was wonderful. my wife and i were here with 1.5 million other visitors to rome for the great celebration of this iconic person's life really. a life of virtue and heroism and a life of hope and life of faith.
11:44 am
and it was a day of happiness and celebrating all that this man did throughout this life that he served others. of course, not just catholics but he served the world at large. he brought down the soviet union, brought down communism, inspiration to billions of people literally. >> jamie: he was really involved and committed and inspirationm to the relation between catholics and jews as well. other religions around the world. he was incluse i, not exclusive, which is why i'm sure so many people showed up. you knew him personally, do you have a most fond memory that came to mind today as you heard pope benedict speak of pope john paul ii? >> it brought back many memories. the first is when i met him the first time. this is a farm boy from iowa to meet in the library and
11:45 am
present my credentials of the united states to him. but it was two days after 9/11. so we talked about what happened and we prayed together and we have to stop the people that kill in the name of god. we worked closely for three-and-a-half years on a lot of human rights issues. and then just before we were returning the united states, he invited my wife and me over to his apartment. and it was seven weeks before he died but his mind was still perfect. he asked me if i thought the united states was going to remain so committed to freedom and to religious freedom. he was a great admirer of our country, because he saw the way we coexists as a state and as a religion. he's a real warrior for freedom and religious freedom. >> jamie: peace as well. >> to the day he died trying to get people in other countries to worship.
11:46 am
or not worship. whatever they chose. >> it's been an early and long busy day for you, ambassador, but it may take years. it will take a second miracle to say the least for the confirmation and the cannonnization for pope john paul ii to become a saint. do you think there is any chance it is not going to happen? >> i think there is a good chance it will happen. it takes another proven, complete, unexplainable medical miracles to have the right or the privilege of being bea yachtfied which he was today -- beatifid, which he was today. now in the process it takes another miracle to happen, which again has to be complete. and it has to defy a medical explanation. for him to be eligible for sainthood.
11:47 am
he inspired so many people in the life of service and suffering of love and hope that i am confident of at least one other miracle will be identified which will entitle him to sainthood. i'm sure he will become. >> jamie: this is what the people were calling for and what they hope to have. thank you so much, ambassador. it's great to meet you, sir. >> nice to be with you. >> eric: it was quite an inspirational mass and ceremony this morning. well, did you fill up this weekend? prices at the pump continue to rise. the blame game is on. is there really big oil's fault? analysis next. hits the road, the nose the angels start second guessing where they tread. ♪ cl 1-800-steemer
11:48 am
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>> jamie: the pain at the pump, there doesn't seem to be any stopping the surge in gas price. national average for gallon of regular is $3.93. now the finger-pointing is in full swing. are big oil companies to blame? senior business correspondent brenda buttner, anchor of "bulls and bears." who is to blame? what do we do about it? >> here is the bottom line. say you make cardboard boxes, and demand goes up, the profit
11:52 am
margin goes up. oil companies make less profit margin than companies that make cardboard boxes. it's all about supply and demand. although, there is speculation here. there is going to be less supply and there is more demand. and the demand is not coming from the united states. so we have very little control over it, as president obama would have you believe. it's from india, it's from brazil. it's from china. now, is president obama who wants to take away certain tax-related corporate breaks to oil companies, which i can support. i don't think there should be a lot of corporate breaks out there. they shouldn't be paying the taxes that they are paying. but if you go after the oil companies, shouldn't when the oil prices go down, you give them a little bit of a break? i don't hear much about that. so no, i don't blame oil companies for wanting to make profits. that is the way it is.
11:53 am
>> jamie: we'll keep tuned to "bawls and bears" and fox business network as well for more on gas prices. thank you. >> okay, thank you. >> eric: millions around the world were glued to the television screens this morning. for the beatification of pope john paul ii. but did the media give this event as much attention as the royal wedding? you know, liz trotta has a lot to say about this one. [ rge ] psst. constated? phillips' caplet use gnesium, an ingredient that works more naturally wityour colon than stimulant xatives, for fective reli of constipation without cramps. thanks. [ professor ] good morning students. today, we're gonna... the charcoal went out already? [ sighs ] forget it. [ male announcer ] there's more barbeque time
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>> eric: it was an historic event seen live around the globe. 1 million people in the streets and the media in overdrive. or was it? i'm not talking about kate and william. but this morning's beatification of pope john paul ii. liz trotta, author, journalist and fox news contributor with her commentary now. liz, jamie and i were up really early for three hours of live coverage here. how did the mainstream media handle it? >> it's amazing. a lot were worn out by the royal wedding. some, possibly the "new york times" used the royal wedding expenditure to give the beatification ceremony a pass. every story i read so far is from the reuters news service, not the times correspondent. i have hope that maybe tomorrow they will see fit to at least include it in the morning paper. they don't like the story. the most outstanding column they have had has been maurin
11:58 am
dow -- maureen dowd, a fallen away cath ligs who like so many fallen away catholics are bitter and guilty. she wrote a vicious column that she is blaming john paul for shielding pedophiles, as she puts it and blaming copius xii for being violent in the holocaust. she throws a branch to dorothy day, the left wing social worker. why hasn't she been beatifyed, she said? one reason could be dorothy davis was living with a man who wasn't her husband for years. it's just scarlous stuff she is spewing, full of hatred. almost sad to watch it. for the most part, i think money had a great deal to do with it they shot their wad on the royal wedding. and it just, i think, they were tired out by this. >> eric: how about the rest of the media? >> the rest of the media did the same thing. most of this is discussion, news week, forbes magazine.
11:59 am
not the "new york times," but most of the other publications did think pieces on whether he should be beatifyed so quickly. not all of them were in favor of the quick beatification of the pope. the ramnance, catholic conservative magazine was against it saying that john paul ruined liturgy and didn't uphold conservative principles of the church. at least these were thoughtful discussions instead of hyperbolic prejudice. >> eric: more thoughtful discussions needed in the media. liz, always good to see you. thank you. >> thank you. >> eric: that does it for us on sunday morning. i'm eric shawn. >> jamie: i'm jamie colby. great to have you with us. america's news headquarters rolls on in washington with shannon bream have a great day, everybody. much more at especially theh


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